Artist Delvon Cunningham

When did you first know you wanted to be an artist? 
 As far as I can remember, I’ve always  had a creative mindset. Growing up – my Mother was good with her hands and had an artistic flair. I enjoyed drawing with her, because she had such an interest. Those were special times together. I didn’t foresee myself
as a Visual Artist until my adult life. A series of creative outlets kind of led me to the Art I now create. I’ve always felt like 
an Artist at heart, I just found my niche over time. 

Did you go to Art School? If so, how has it influenced your work? 

Ironically, I went to Art School for Video Productions, with very little Art training.
I developed my style of creating through trial and error, experimenting with different mediums.
Self Taught for the most part. 


How long did it take to decide what kind of art you wanted to make?
I can’t say I’ve really “decided” on any type of Art. At present,
I find myself really enjoying Mixed Media Portraits with an Abstract Appeal.
You’ve seen a couple of my Photo Collages, that depict Southern Living in a past era.
This style clearly differs from most of my works. I want to do more stuff like that.
As a musician crafts his body of
 work through an open, honest and often diverse musical expression…
I too create in this manner. As I grow and change, my Art will reflect. I want to hold on to my creative freedom as long as I can.
Do you have a creative process?
Hmm, I don’t have a systematic approach to creating Art if that’s what you mean.
What inspires you?
I’m inspired by the unique, Individual characteristics of people. I get lots of ideas from Random Photos that
I come across. Black Women are my greatest Inspiration at the moment. There were many strong, Black
Women around during my childhood. In a way, I salute their Legacy through much of my work. There will
always be room in my Body of work for the African Diaspora as a whole. I am deeply inspired by our will
and determination to live and stand in the face of adversity, when others considered us inferior, less than human.
I honor this 
part of Black History in certain works as ” Freedom Rider 20886 ” ” Taste of Freedom I and II ” as well as ” Strange Fruit “.
My fellow Artists inspire me a great deal.
What have you done to market yourself as an artist?
I do a lot of marketing via social networks, like Facebook and BAIA. I’m also a member of the RAW Artists Atlanta Network, which is a great avenue for exposure and meeting other creative minds. I participate in several Art groups online, these are free and can be helpful to build your brand within a short time frame. I’ve also been featured in a few Art Shows in the Atlanta area, along with a short radio segment. Worth of mouth still works, so I always share my Passion with others I meet. I have an Artist website on, in which I’ve recently made my first International sale. These are a few ways I Market myself as an Artist
Do you have a day job?
Yes I do have a regular 9-5 job.
Who are your favorite artists?
There are too many Great Artists to narrow down to favorites. I admire the talents of Raheim Milton, Kevin WAK Williams, Najee Dorsey, Marcellous Lovelace and Tim Okamura to name a few. Yet there are so many more. About a year ago, I started a Facebook group for artists: DISCOVER BLACK ART. We’re now close to 1000 members a year later. I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting hundreds of great artists in this group. On some level, I think Artists pick up styles and techniques from others, even when not aware. I often draw Inspiration from my fellow artists that have completely different styles than my own. I call this , “the exhiliration of one Imagination touching another”.
What are your artistic goals?
Aside from Building my own body of work and sharing it with the world, I can see DISCOVER BLACK ART as a growing social movement
of some kind. I want to continue to build this brand as a forum for Exposure, Inspiration, Knowledge and Unity. 
What are your favorite artist’s resources?
People are pretty good resources. A wise person once told me to always have some people in your circle that are smarter than you. That’s easy…lol
What advice would you give to aspiring artists?
I would encourage aspiring Artists to: 
1. Stay true to your own Art Form and Creative Vision 
2. Believe that what Spirit has planted in you has Great Purpose. 
3. Cultivate a circle of creative fellowship of like-minds and artists. 
4. Know that there are no concrete set of rules in the Art World, 
you will often have to get out and find your own way. 
5. Create, Create, Create to keep your skills sharp.
6. Remember – Mistakes are some of the best teachers, 
don’t fear them! 

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