In 2007, I decided to sell some of my artwork online.  I checked out ebay to see what people were buying. I didn’t see anything like the kind of stuff I made, but I did see something that I wanted to make.  It was something called Altered art.  It reminded me of dreams and memories manifested in our 3 dimensional world.

What is altered art?

Altered art is about being resourceful. Taking everyday objects and ephemera from the past and present and creating something inspiring. Here are some common things used in altered art:

Antique Images and photographs, usually from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Ephemera from those times, which include advertising, newspaper clips and text from books.

Found objects. Antique keys are quite popular. Broken jewelry, buttons, washers, miniature picture frames and watch interiors are also common.

Glitter and swarovski crystals add to the ethereal dream-like feel of altered art.

Bases can be old books, pieces of wood, altoid boxes, shelves, or anything else that is freestanding and has openings for decoration. There are also charm bracelets, necklaces, artist trading cards and dolls.

I love this form of art because it makes you look at common objects in a new light and  see potential art when you open your junk drawer. Feel inspired?

Here are some resources to get you started

Gmpurseanalities on Etsy