If you can’t draw to save your life, you can still make something as awesome as the above picture. All you need is patience, the ability to copy patterns, and a little bit of imagination.

This method of drawing one stroke at a time is called Zentangle™.  It involves combining patterns of tangles. The end result, is a beautiful, intricate drawing.  The method is patented by the creators, Rick and Maria of . You can purchase a kit with instructions and or even become a certified Zentangle™ Instructor, yourself. Zentangle™ is a great way to relieve tension and stress or just focus your mind. You get the feeling  a lot of artist discover, of being lost in the moment.

But you don’t have to take the classes to try your hand at copying patterns. Just tap into your inner child. Remember doodling? There are tons of videos on youtube that show you how to start various patterns and of course, you can just make up your own as you go along. Check out the Zentangle™ group on Flickr for some inspiring doodles.

Black Hole

Zentangle #57 - Bored #7