High Museum of art, Image courtesy of http://www.iald.org

Growing up  in New York City I had the fortune of taking many class trips to the Museum.  I remember seeing a mixed media piece at the Whitney Museum when I was around 10 or so. I didn’t know people made things like that and were recognized as artists. It made an indelible impression on my already creative mind.

Where I live in Atlanta, The High Museum has a free day every first Saturday of the month.  Once, I was able to see a Monet exhibition, which was only for patrons who purchased tickets, because we came right before closing. When you see Monet in person, you understand why he is such a celebrated artist. Art must be experienced, to be truly appreciated.

On September 24th, 2011 The Smithsonian will be sponsoring a free museum day. Thousands of museums all over the country will be participating. If y0ur pockets are not so deep these days, this is the time to go and experience celebrated and respected art and artifacts of history. You even get to bring one guest along.  Visit the Smithsonian site and look up your state and city and find out what museums are participating. Once you register your email address, the printable ticket will be sent to your inbox. Go get inspired!