I believe some of the best art is the kind that involves the public. I found Molly Crabapple’s project on and now I’m sorry I didn’t contribute before it became fully funded. Molly will be locking herself in a New York City hotel room for one week , where each wall will be covered with paper.  Her task will be spend each day, covering the walls with drawings, pushing her mind, body and over 200 sharpies markers to the limit. Contributors get to watch a live streaming video of the art experiment that will take place sometime in September 2011. More generous contributors will even get to own an original piece cut from the final work, up to 30×132 inches. Crabapple is also partnering with a filmmaker and a  documentary  will be in the works.

frustrated with the traditional and extremely rigid route of grant-seeking in the art world, Crabapple decided to make her art more accessible and literally get the public involved in funding.  Looking at an artist of her caliber, it’s hard to imagine that she would have trouble getting a foot in the door with arts organizations, but this is often the reality.

The internet is not only changing the way artists interact with patrons, but also how wide their reach is. This opens up so many doors of opportunity for funding projects and building an audience. I would love to see more projects like Crabapple’s, that take place in real time and allow the public to watch art and creativity unfold.

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