You know that commercial with the cowboys herding cats? It was always hilarious to me because it reminded me so much of myself.  Cats are my favorite animals because of their insistence on non-conformity.  They only adhere to restrictions if their person happens to be around, but as soon as they turn their backs, kitty is digging her claws into the leather sofa. At the same time, they can be quite sweet, cuddly and loyal.

As an artist, I kind of fancy myself as a cat. Forging my own path, digging my claws in, when most would take the easy, predictable way out.  But there is a monster that lurks in the shadows threatening my success. That monster is disorganization.  This is when I’d rather be more like a bee than a cat. If you have this problem, you’re probably disappointed right now because you thought the purpose of  this post was to give you some tips on how to reign in your maverick tendencies and get your studio or whatever your space is, organized. I will not disappoint you. After all, this is a blog about inspiration, so I’ve come fully equipped with tons of inspirational fodder to help you tame your inner cat.

Creative ways to store your shoes

I’m always losing my shoes and can never find my kids shoes when I need to get out the door. Any of these solutions would work for me and they’re incredibly creative and design friendly.

I heart organizing

I heart organizing

Jen hearts organizing and she’ll make you heart it too, or at least tackle the clutter in your craft closet. I love the before and after page on her blog.

5 Ways to organize creatively

Check out these 5 tips on getting organized for creative types from bubby and bean.

A very cool series of videos by expert village on setting up and organizing an art studio