When did you first know you had a talent for drawing? 

From an early age, My family and friends never stopped encouraging me, I would doodle Batman and Robin in my scrapbook, and even though looking back they probably weren’t even that good, everyone kept the encouragement, which pushed me to do it more often.

Did you go to art school? 

Yes, Art College for a couple of years, then University studying illustration for 3 years…

How much did your education shape the kind of art you make? 

Not a great deal if I’m honest, my tutors at University weren’t very motivating. College was a better time for me I got to draw what I wanted, they way I wanted… I always had in mind the sort of illustrations I wanted to make.

What are your favorite mediums? 

Pencils, Acryilic paints and Airbrush

Do you have a specific creative process when you’re working on a project?

Ideas, research, communication with the client and a few notes first, then onto Comprehensive work, sketches, photoshop layouts then onto prep for the final artwork.

How long does it take you to complete a project?

Varies depending on the job, but I like at least a week for a finished illustration, although working for GQ magazine I sometimes had one evening!!

What inspires you? 

The illustrated film posters from yester-year, ala Drew Struzan and Richard Amsel, Old Masters of illustration like JC Leyendecker and Norman Rockwell, also Alphonse Mucha to name but a few

Computer excluded, What artists tools would you take with you on a deserted Island? 
Pencil, knife and large sketchbook, maybe some colour pastels/crayons

Are there any online artists resources you can recommend? 

Websites like The Little Chimp Society are great to keep abreast of current illustrations out there, If you are looking top get into the field of illustration I would seriously recommend www.zero2illo.comand escapefromillustrationisland.com

Paul Shipper’s website: http://www.paulshipper.com