April is national poetry month and with the month winding down I wanted to do a post especially about poetry. A lot of people write poetry and most people know at least one poem, but few realize what a positive effect poetry can have on our lives. I’ve always thought of poetry as thoughts out loud. If you read someone’s poetry, you are taking a glimpse into their mind.  So let’s start our cerebral journey:

Animated poetry

Poetry everywhere is a project on the poetry foundation website featuring poets reading there own work and animated interpretations of much-loved poetry.

Performance poetry

Performance poetry has been around as long as mankind, from wandering troubadours to spoken word artists. It is supposed to provoke a reaction from the audience. The poet may improvise, sing, dance or invite an audience member to participate.  Performance poetry focuses a lot on identity, cultural awareness and social issues. Not all themes are appropriate for kids.

Indiefeed is a great site to listen to performance poetry Here are a few that I really liked




The longest poem in the world

Courtesy of http://satorismiles.com

The longest poem contains 1,353,298 verses.  It is a conglomeration of tweets arranged into rhyme that make for a surprisingly clever and entertaining poem.  I’d like to add that some of the language may not be appropriate for children, since these are randomly selected tweets.