How long have you been drawing? 
Ever since I picked up my first crayon! I started drawing on the wall of my parent’s living room and never looked back…

What is the most challenging part of editorial illustration? 
At this stage in my career the most challenging part is handling all the promotional work; mailing lists, post card samples, keeping up with multiple portfolio and social networking sites. As far as the actual illustration work goes, it really depends on the client’s needs. I’m here to make them glad they hired me, so I’m usually happy to go the extra mile for them.

How do you keep your ideas fresh? 
I never settle for the easy solution to an illustration assignment (unless the client specifically asks for that). Whatever idea I have, I always try to push it a bit further or give it some kind of twist. That’s actually the fun part for me. One of my favorite ways to overcome being stuck is to make a free-flowing list of words associated with the assignment. A lot of great ideas come out of those lists.

Who are your favorite artists?
Charles Addams, Bill Watterson, Jon J. Muth, Glenn Barr have all been big on my list for a long time, among others.

Do you have artistic goals? 
I’m working on my own graphic novel, which I’d love to see published.

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