I admire artists that value the craft as much as the message.  The best art has elements of beauty and pain.
Sculptor Andrew Myers creates portraits using screws, phone book pages and plywood.
He pre-drills 8,000-10,000 screws into the plywood that has been covered with phone book pages.
These portraits take on a life of their own when you see them from the side
Myers has to drill each screw in just right so that the drawing he has made takes on a 3d quality. He then paints each screw.
The photo you see above was taken with a microscope.
The metal platform you see Homer standing on is actually a pinhead
Willard Wigin takes miniature art to a whole new level. He uses hairs plucked from dead houseflies as his brush. Other materials include pieces of plastic, fabric and dust particles. Wigin has to control his movements and even his breathing and pulse, so that he doesn’t accidentally blow away or inhale one of us subjects.
Willard Wigin pinhead art
Wigin’s nanosculptures fetch $140,000 a pop and collectors receive microscope along with the art, so they can actually see it.