I’ve always had a favorite fashion accessory that was well worn and loved. I remember my little turquoise Chinese purse I left on a bus in Manhattan when I was 5. Then there was my nifty-thrifty, all-purpose black sweater, which I’m sure gave my husband nightmares. I had some earrings made with beautiful porcelain beads and my son smacked one off in a parking lot without me noticing. All these dearly-departed things brought me joy while they were around and made me feel just a little bit more comfy in my own skin.  I treasure trinkets and keepsakes(Yes, I still have the other earring). Along that note, here are my artful finds this week :

Jade Rose Boutique

Nylon Cuff, by jaderoseboutique

I firmly believe that wearing a cuff instantly makes you cooler! The vintage buttons on this crocheted cuff  add a soft, understated elegance. There are so many other great things to be found in this shop, including crocheted earrings and fingerless gloves.

Tam’s Jewelry

Lime green and gold earrings, by Tam's Jewelry

Green is my favorite color and I’m such a sucker for festive, ethnic designs. These are the kind of earrings I would attempt to wear with everything.