Bob Dylan, by IRI5

Last year, I found Erika’s amazing art on Flickr and I requested to interview her for my blog. I had to know what inspired her and how she did it. I was floored when I saw the Bruno Mars music video, “Amazing”. I just knew that this had to be IRI5. Well, I do have confirmation from the artist herself(If you don’t believe me, check my twitter @sflowerchild) She did work on this video with some very talented animators. I’m reposting the interview here on IRBMA for all my inspiration junkies.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up mostly in Orlando, FL. I’ve lived in many cities across the US, in the UK, and in the Virgin Islands. Right now I’m based in New York City, working as an independent artist, commissioned by companies and individuals.
When did you start making art?

I have always made collages and painted. My first job was as a face painter at a theme park. I didn’t start making art with the intention to sell it until about two years ago.

Do you have an art degree?

I never studied any formal art in school. I was more into math and science. I got my degree in Russian.

What inspired you to make art from old cassettes?

I was very poor growing up and I have always been fascinated with people who can make things out of strange stuff. When I decided to try to make some money selling artwork, I wanted to use what I had around the house before spending money. lol. I had put some cassettes on top of a blank canvas near my door. Everyday I would glance at the pile as I came and went to work, waiting tables. Then one day, lightning struck.

`Jimmy Hendrix, by IRI5

How long does it take to create each piece?

Every project is different. Some pieces take a few days, but most take around a week. Some take months.

How would you categorize your art?

I say that my work is conceptual art. Some of it isn’t “pretty” but I try to always communicate an idea through my work. At least that is what I hope to do. I don’t know enough about art to be able to give a knowledgeable answer!, lol.

What do you want to say with your art?

I want to say that resources abound. If you approach a problem with thought and intention, great things can happen.

Bob Marley, by IRI5

What are your artistic goals?

The only goal I have is to keep working. I would love to teach art to children one day.

Where is your art available for purchase?

I have website: with a small storefront showing my available pieces, but I prefer commissions. I love using cassettes that people send me, like their old mix tapes, to make the work really special. My email is for anyone who has questions, comments, or just wants to say “hi.”

Check out iri5′ s flickr page for more amazing art made with non-traditional materials